Information is brilliant!

They say “ignorance is bliss”.  Well I say “if ignorance is bliss; information is brilliant!”  So I don’t truly believe that ignorance is bliss, but I do believe that sometimes ignorance can present a false feeling of bliss but eventually the truth of knowledge should win out.  Having information, which may not always be blissful, is in fact, brilliant!  And it is what I strive to give my clients.  While I do hope their birth is blissful, most importantly I hope that they are informed.  Informed throughout their trying to conceive, pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and into parenthood.  Let’s face it, the idea of “having a family” seems pretty blissful right?  You find the person you love, get married in a joyous ceremony, decide you want to expand your family, get pregnant, and then BAM…choices have to be made.  Important choices.  Life changing choices.  And these choices not only impact just you any longer, they impact your relationship with your spouse, your new child, and your family’s future.  Those aren’t choices to be taken lightly and while ignorance may seem to be the easiest and most blissful way out, choosing to become knowledgeable and use the information that is right at your fingertips is the only way you can truly achieve maximum self-determination for you and your family.  What is maximum self-determination?  It is knowing after a decision has been made that you have made the most informed decision you could have made at the time with the information you have been given (or have found yourself) and that you have taken your options into your own hands.  It allows you to make informed consent regarding procedures that are offered to you during your pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum to yourself and your baby.

Well what does all this have to do with me, as your doula?  I am your advocate.  I desire to provide you with the tools you need to achieve maximum self-determination.  This includes local resources in and around the Atlanta area including, but not limited to: birth options (water birth, home birth, hospital birth), breast feeding support, cloth diapering, chiropractic care, pediatrician options, photographers, consignments, lactation consultants, natural baby care, childbirth education, risks and benefits of procedures offered to you during pregnancy and labor, postpartum healing care, and parenting support.

As a researcher at heart I am intrigued by learning new things all the time and if you have a question or a quandary I am dedicated to helping provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.  Ultimately the decisions are yours to make.  I hope the first brilliant decision you make is to allow me to meet with you and learn more about your journey and how I can help to support you.

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Hello, My name is Valerie Rohde, and in the coming days you will see this site come alive with tons of content. Please keep checking back!